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Level 1 GYROTONIC® Teacher Training Program

with Master Trainer Pascale Leonard


June 6-11 (pre-tr
aining course)
July 18-30 (foundation course)
December 4-9 (review course)
*All courses required for certification*
Pre-training course fee: $1050

Studio fee: $325

Foundation course fee: $2100

Studio fee: $550

Review Course $1050
Studio fee $325


We are excited to announce our studio's first comprehensive GYROTONIC® Teacher Training Program for 2024.  Students will gather three separate times and immerse themselves into the fundamentals of GYROTONIC®.

This training is for you if you want to become a certified  GYROTONIC® instructor or just want to deepen your personal practice.  

For more information on the fundamentals training, visit:

 About Pascale Leonard:

Pascale was first to introduce GYROTONIC® method in Canada. Having obtained her certificate as a specialized Master Trainer since 1999, she is offering Teacher Training Courses in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® (Level 1 & 2) through Canada and in different countries. A graduate of Les Ateliers de Danse Moderne de Montréal (LADMMI), Pascale traveled to India to study classical Indian dance which fascinated her by its ability to communicate the full range of emotions. In New York she pursued her training at the Martha Graham School and at the Limon Institute. It was during this period that she discovered the exceptional movement technique of GYROTONIC®.

She continues today to explore and refine her technique by continuous education with Juliu Horvath the Creator, while also integrating other techniques such BioGeometrie, vegetal alchimistry and Boudhism meditation.  She completed her osteopathy program and she is presently writing a thesis: « The importance and the place of figure eight (movement at the base of Origin of Life) movement in Osteopathy».

Pascale's approach is colored by her years of osteopathy background and her research on the movement of figure eight. She focuses on:     

·      Verbal cueing to assess client 

·      Collecting information by light touch 

·      Guiding with Listening Hands On to support what is already present 


Her main focus is to develop Listening Hands synchronized with verbal cueing in order for the clients to feel that they are performing (moving?) on their own instead of relying too much on their trainer.  


Through Pascale's teaching you will learn the foundations of the Gyrotonic Method and the importance of figure eight in relation to the potential of self-rejuvenation of the body.  

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