We want to see you thrive in your daily life, feel comfortable in your own skin and move with less pain and more ease. Whether you are an athlete looking to “up your game” or someone recovering from an injury seeking rehabilitation support, our instructors have the training and experience to meet your needs. In all of our private sessions and group classes, we emphasize the somatic experience—an approach that emphasizes internal physical alignment through sensing, feeling, and touch. By developing proprioceptive awareness, we build healthy brains, better balance, and grounded joy.


Our movement and bodywork embodies both the material and the spiritual; we chose the name SOMA to match this complexity. On one hand, the word SOMA comes from the Greek meaning “body”. On the other hand, Vedic mythology describes SOMA as ritualistic elixir of immortality. According to the ancient scriptures, this ambrosia was held in the sacred storehouse of the full moon and drank down by the Hindu Gods because of it’s qualities to help them rise above obstacles, conquer fears, and inspire creativity. For us, SOMA represents the life force that courses through all living things. When we are operating on higher levels of brain and body health, creativity and connection flow through us easily. We move to keep our cells young, supple, strong and functioning into the last years of our life



Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST)

Massage Therapy

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