Antiracism & Social Justice Commitment

You are welcome here. We recognize that justice and equity for all human beings of all racial groups, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, abilities, and socio-economic classes is vital for the healing of Earth and humanity. We create practices that strive for liberation and equity in each body we serve, knowing that every body is affected by the systems and structures of oppression and trauma. We will use our practices to elevate our consciousness in order to uproot the lies we believe to be true and take responsibility for our part in what writer and activist Sonya Renee Taylor names “White Supremacist Delusion”. In order to be true accomplices to our BIPOC community, we are committed to taking actions that will, over time, create progress and trust. We are open to learning, growing, and changing so that we can create a community where all BIPOC people feel safe and welcome to participate at Studio Soma.

*Promote, highlight, and support fundraisers, mutual aid work, and other projects lead by BIPOC Leaders like Our Indigenous Lifeways and Construyendo Poder

*Offer partial and full scholarships to anyone who needs financial support to join our classes and workshops

*Work with Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO to offer internships and training to Indigenous students who wish to pursue careers in the healing/moving arts.

*Provide instruction in Spanish for native Spanish speakers.

Studio Soma

Studio Soma 929A HWY 3 Durango, CO 81302